Powerful analytics

Comprehensive reports to achieve
operational excellence and cost-effectiveness

Turn data into revenue

Analyze and benchmark fleet expenses, job performance of mobile employees
and driving behavior with various reports and analytical tools offered by Navixy.

Relevant analytical reports only

Supervisors, accountants and analysts can immediately receive all the necessary data for their work.

Likewise, user access to reports can be limited. It allows to cut off unnecessary functionality and focus on the essential one.

Visualized data to see more

Visual tables, color bars and pie charts allow intuitevly perceive data. All the visual aids are interactive, if you hover the mouse over them.

Get the detailed information and summary. To perform a comparative analysis, aggregate data by periods and object groups.

Reports on everything

Get the whole list of reports for in-depth analysis

  • Trips
  • Stops
  • Geofence visits
  • Events
  • Engine hours
  • Fuel volume
  • Measuring sensors
  • Vehicle sensors
  • Speed violation
  • Equipment working time
  • Tasks report
  • Driver shift change

Recieve reports on e-mail

Set up a schedule and get reports via email with the necessary regularity. Share information with the colleagues including them in the list of recipients.

Export to Excel and PDF

Save reports in a convenient format for printing, working with data offline or using them with external applications.

API for interprogram communication

Navixy reporting system provides advanced API tools for exchanging and processing information via HTTPS requests from other applications.

Over 800+ gps tracking devices closely supported

And the list continues to grow! Choose device or suggest yours

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