Avoid crashes, control and train employees
to improve safety and reduce fleet costs

Assist drivers
to avoid crashes

Provide drivers with realtime in-cab visual and audio alerts to react in time

Lane departure warning
Instantly warn a driver when he/she veers out of lane to get back on track.

Forward Collision warning
Prevent forward collision by assessing current speed and distance to an object ahead.

Speed Limit Indication
Alert a driver in case of speeding to avoid accidents or fines.

Control driving behavior

Provide fleet managers with powerful tools to have everything under control

Map every event
React fast on accidents and violations by getting real time alerts and locating them on map.

Stay aware of harsh driving
Learn about each driver’s harsh brakings, turns and accelerations online or refer to history records.

Eliminate idling
Monitor excessively idling vehicles to optimize fuel and maintenance costs.

Coach to refine driving

Analyze violations, reconstruct each case on map and score employees to improve driving attitude

Score drivers
Rate drivers according to their behavior on the roads from 0 to 100%. Decide whether to reward or penalize employees.

Reconstruct each case on map
Playback the history of trips and events to sort out each case step by step like it is happening realtime.

Analyze the whole scene
Create reports for any period to benchmark violations in vivid graphs and tables. Share statistics with drivers.

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